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Old School Bullies is a small kennel established in 1997.  We are dedicated to owning and producing what we feel is the bulldog of the past.  Today, the American Bulldog is an extremely diverse breed as can been seen from view the sites on the world wide web.  The breed ranges from what man consider an oversized pitbull terrier, to oversized English Bulldogs, to dogs that more resemble mastiffs or boxers than the do their name sake.  All these dogs have their place, however we feel the American Bulldog of the past looked like a bulldog (BULLY), acted like a bulldog (Tenacious) and was able to do many things.  We believe a well-bred American Bulldog should be able to accomplish any task asked of them (within reason) from personal and property protection to weight pulling, showing or just being a companion dog.
Our dogs are medium to large, thick-boned, high drive and bully.  We believe you can have it all in one package (drive, ability, and looks). It is not easy but it is possible.
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